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We stock feeders from most of the major suppliers in the country including Jacobi Jayne whose range includes the very popular Droll Yankee feeders, which come with optional tray and perch ring attachments.
Our huge range of Droll Yankee accessories include the Observer Window Feeder, The Clingers Only seed feeder for your smaller birds, a selection of hooks and hangers for every need, window alert warning motifs, domed Robin Feeders and a selection of optional trays in four sizes. We also stock Droll Yankee’s Garden Pole feeding system, a superb kit enabling you to build up slowly to the ultimate feeding station.
C.J Wildlife seed and peanut feeders are sold in metal (The Defender Range) or plastic (The Challenger Range). We also stock their wonderful "Adventurer" and “Conqueror” selection, in four port, eight port, a ten port and the very impressive twelve port which holds 3.5 kilos of seed. With their trays, hanging chains and hooks, food scoops, brushes and other accessories C.J offer a wonderful selection of birdy merchandise.

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